How we work

From renovating the family home, to ensuring the best possible outcome for your client — we can maximise the potential of your space.

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What services do you offer?
We offer a comprehensive interior design and decoration consultancy service, assisting with everything from the initial floor plan sketches, to the cabinetry that best suits your lifestyle, right through to selecting the perfect throw cushion to complete your space.

If you're seeking consultancy for every step of the way, we'll be there. If you'd like us to oversee part of the process, we can tailor our scope of work to suit your individual needs. Contact us to discuss the details of your project.
Do I need to engage an architect or building designer if I'm working with you?
Well, it depends.

For an interior renovation or refurbishment which keeps within the footprint of an existing building, you shouldn't need an architect or building designer. Watts Studio are Registered Building Practitioners in Interior Drafting with the Victorian Building Authority, so we can obtain some building permits on your behalf if required.

However, for an extension or a new build you'll need to engage an architect or building designer. We have a wealth of experience producing stunning interior design outcomes in collaboration with a variety of consultants. You can either nominate your own, or contact us for a list of recommended architects and building designers.
At what stage of the project is it best to get you involved?
The earlier the better.

To ensure each space reaches its pure potential, we prefer to be involved from the very beginning — with the initial floor plans. By maximising the fundamentals of the space prior to council submission, we can produce the best possible outcome without the potential of a planning amendment.

However, if you've already submitted to council or have planning approval — it's not too late to create a beautifully designed and functional space. We'll review the approved floor plan and work with you to find a stunning solution without altering any elements that will affect your planning permit.
I am furnishing my completed interior space. Do you offer the selection and ordering of furniture, art and accessories as a separate package?
Yes, along with our comprehensive services we also offer a standalone interior decoration service. Contact us to discuss the details of your project.
What sort of projects do you work on?
We specialise in projects across the residential, retail, hospitality, and commercial sectors.
How do I obtain a quote for your services?
Every Watts Studio project is tailored to the client and their space, so every project is quoted on the specific interior design consultancy required. Contact us to discuss the details of your project and obtain a quote.
What benefit does your expertise bring to a project?
We're a boutique interior design studio with many years experience delivering projects across the residential, retail, hospitality, and commercial sectors. Our comprehensive knowledge of construction and technical details keeps projects running smoothly, and as Registered Building Practitioners in Interior Drafting with the Victorian Building Authority, we can obtain building permits if required.

Communication and strong relationships with clients, builders and consultants is one of our top priorities during a project. Handover includes a clear and comprehensive set of construction drawings and specifications, finalised prior to commencing construction. We work hard to deliver each project efficiently and ensure everyone has the answers they need without delay.

Together, we'll create beautiful results for your client, and your portfolio. Contact us to discuss your next project.
I'm a developer. How can we work together?
Our comprehensive interior design and decoration services extend to property developments and investment properties. With consideration to development location, target market and budget — our consultancy will ensure your maximum return on investment.

We'll produce conceptual designs of all interior spaces, select all interior hard finishes, fixtures and fittings, and provide specifications for your nominated real estate agent to take to market. We can also work with your nominated branding agency and 3D professional renderer to ensure your project is well-represented with a strong market presence.
I'm a builder working for my client. How can we work together?
We've been engaged by builders on many projects, keeping construction running smoothly while delivering beautiful outcomes for your client.

To get started, we'll meet with you and your client to discuss the details and requirement of the project. Working from the floor plans, we'll develop designs with your client to suit their lifestyle and aesthetic taste — keeping you as involved as you'd like to be.

Once the designs are finalised, we'll handover all the information you need to complete a negotiated tender for the works, meet the client's budget, and finalise your contract with the client.
Will you manage the client liaison?
Yes, we'll be the client's main point of contact for any interior design or decoration queries during the project.
How can we collaborate?
We love nothing more than a design collaboration and feel that this method of design often achieves the best results.

We believe that the interior should be designed in unison with the architectural aesthetic. We are happy to discuss ideas, the interior design and selections with you and obtain your feedback throughout the project to ensure a cohesive design.
How do we divide up the design deliverables? What areas of design will you complete?
At the commencement of the project we will discuss and finalise each party's scope of work and provide the client with a Responsibilities Matrix. This clearly outlines which consultant is responsible for each deliverable.

As a general rule, we will manage all of the interior hard finishes, fixtures and fittings, lighting selection, joinery design and wet areas.
Who will manage the client liaison and site meetings throughout construction?
We are available throughout the construction of the project to answer design queries or attend site meetings and visits as required.

Depending on your arrangement with the client, we will allow you to run the Project Administration throughout construction.

Nearing the completion of the build, we will complete a defects report on the interior design and provide this to you for inclusion in the overall architectural defects list to be provided to the builder prior to handover.

Our process ensures your vision is articulated, cultivated and translated into a deliberately beautiful space.

1 — Briefing Consultation

Before commencing the project, we welcome a sit-down consultation to gain a holistic understanding of your stylistic preferences, the untouched space, and any requirements beyond the aesthetic. We create spaces that work for you — so if you love reading by the window, entertaining family and friends, or hosting high level business meetings, let us know.

2 — General Floor Plan Review

To make informed decisions on the best layout, design and functionality of your unique space, we would preferably conduct a general assessment of the proposed floor plans in the early stages of the design process.

3 — Conceptual Design Package

With a comprehensive understanding of the requirements, we'll produce a Conceptual Design Package tailored to you, and your space. This carefully curated package will provide a clear and detailed representation of the design intent. Expect full colour schematic renders or elevations, any supportive inspirational imagery, details of key design features, along with suggestion of hard finishes, fixtures, fittings and lighting.

4 — Selecting Hard Finishes, Fixtures, Fittings & Lighting

With consensus on the design intent outlined in the Conceptual Design Package, we'll together review samples and select individual items on a more granular level — think timber species, tiles, paint colours, stone finishes, bath and tapware, appliances, door and joinery hardware, cornices and skirtings, window furnishings, and any other hard finishes suited to the space. We'll also provide a selection of light fittings and advice on recommended locations for both general and decorative lighting.

Once all hard finishes, fixtures, fittings and lights are selected, we'll produce schedules and documentation detailing each item for quoting and ordering in the construction phase.

5 — Documentation & Construction

We'll produce a suite of documents which detail the approved design decisions, suitable to be issued for tender and construction. Expect black and white working drawings for the key areas, plan elevations and sections, and aforementioned notation of hard finishes, fixtures and fittings with dimensions.

During the construction phase we'll be available to answer design queries, attend site visits, and check the progress and quality of the interior build to ensure the end product aligns with the approved design direction.

6 — Furniture, Art & Accessories

As construction nears completion, we'll provide you with a curated list of bespoke pieces to elevate your space and complete the design intent. With your specified budget in mind for each piece, we'll quote and order loose furniture, accessories, artwork, upholsteries and finishes on your behalf.